Monday, January 4, 2010


My toddler doesn't always like to sit in the stroller when we're out for a walk and sometimes I need to get us home in a hurry so I can't let him walk.  One day when I couldn't let him out of the stroller to walk, I kept him entertained by playing a sort of "I-Spy" game.  He LOVED it and it's now a favorite game whereever we go.

All I do is ask him questions - and this is great for teaching shapes, colors, numbers, etc.:
"Can you find something green?"
"Show me something round."
"Point to something with letters (or numbers)."
"Do you see anything that flies?"
Yesterday I even tried "Show me the TALLEST tree you can see" (and he did it!).

If your tot can't find something triangle-shaped/blue/with feathers/etc., show him what you were seeing.  Or if they find one orange object but there were three, point out one of the others.  This game is even great in the grocery store!

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