Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun Crayons for Little Hands

I got this idea from my friend Steph over at Mada's Place.  Following Steph's directions, I was able to reuse my broken and dulled crayons from my younger years. And now have a very fun stocking stuffer for my busy body tot!  This will make coloring so fun for him and the crayons will be easier for his small hands to grab than those teeny tiny Crayolas.  I also was able to find boxes of crayons in the dollar bin at Michaels.  They're princess crayons, but after peeling off the labels and melting them down, they are now sports and underwater animals!

Clean, empty soup cans
Candy Molds (such as Wilton)
Big pot of boiling water

Peel off the wrappers of your crayons and break them into smaller pieces.  Separate by color into each of your soup cans.  Place the cans into your boiling water (water should be high enough to be above the crayons) and allow the crayon to melt.  This won't take very long.

Once the wax is melted, carefully pour it into your molds (or you can use a plastic spoon to spoon it into the mold).  Allow the wax to set a bit and then transfer to mold to your freezer or refrigerator.  Once the wax is cooled, it pops right out of the molds!

This may not be a project to do with your tot, but they will sure have fun coloring with these cool, new crayons!

Find free, printable coloring pages here:
Sesame Street

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